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Mushi puro koubouki – animeita no seishun

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Nobuyuki Tsugata

The author documents his experiences, which were almost entirely at Mushi Productions. It’s written like a novel, but the author says he faithfully recorded what actually happened. You can get a good grasp of the history of Mushi Productions with this book alongside “Tezuka Osamu Gekijou” (Osamu Tezuka Theater, Tezuka Productions editors, 1991).

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The fact that I’m compiling this list means that this list will have nothing to do with “academism.” That is to say, I picked books to understand “anime history” and not the history of animation, and I focused on commercial books that probably haven’t gotten much attention in academic circles. However, I excluded my own books, and I also deliberately left off some standard references. The list is in chronological order based on publication date.

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