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Character-body Theory in The Anime Machine: Its Application to Non-otaku Animes.

The Anime Machine: A Media Theory of Animation by Thomas Lamarre was published in 2009. This article reconsiders the character-body theory proposed in his book. Most discussions in the book are based on otaku theories. In particular, the discussions strongly concentrate on theories of body which consist of a number of other interesting issues. In this sense, I suggest that it has a capability to advance beyond the analysis of otaku-oriented anime. To make this clear, I focus on the concept of “time-image” (from Gilles Deleuze’s Cinema), which Lamare connects with body by using otaku theories in the second part of The Anime Machine. In its third part, Lamarre’s discussion proceeds on the basis of otaku theories. Taking the concept of time-image as influential in his book, this article reinterprets character-body considered in Lamarre’s discussion. Through this reconsideration, I attempt to demonstrate how theories of character- body corresponding with time-image can be discerned from otaku theories and how such a body theory can be utilized in discussions of non-otaku-oriented anime.

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