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10 Books/Articles to Understand the Animation Business

Tadashi Sudo

Given the vitality of the animation business within Japan and overseas, there is a surprising dearth of work dealing with this topic. I considered creating a list that balances publications about management/production, copyright issues, finances and overseas topics, but many quality works have become dated. I tried here to select recent publications will give you a bird’s-eye view of the animation business. Also, I emphasized statistical material, as this field is often not backed up by numbers.

Mizuho Ginko Sangyo Chosashitsubu, Kontentsu sangyou no tenbou – Kontentsu sangyou no sara naru hatten no tame ni (Outlook for the Content Industry – Toward Further Development of the Content Industry), Mizuho Sangyo Chosa Vol. 48, 2014

Report that analyzes and summarizes the industry structure of the content field and the specific fields of publishing, films, animation, music and videogames. In particular, this report offers the most accurate overview of the animation field at present.

Masaki Kaifu, Frederik L. Schodt, Mami Toyonaga, Ian Condry, Ryutaro Mihara, Takeshi Matsui, Tadashi Sudo, "Kensho COOL JAPAN Hokubei ni okeru nihon no poppu karuchaa (COOL JAPAN Japanese Pop Culture in North America)," Hitotsubashi Business Review 2010 Winter Edition, Vol. 58, No. 3, 2010

Multiple authors discuss the reception of Japanese anime and manga in North America from a variety of angles. Includes business case studies of Japanese-managed anime companies such as Viz Media and Bandai Entertainment.

JETRO Creative Sangyouka, JETRO Shanghai Jimusho, Chuugoku kontentsu shijou chousa 6 bunya, Chuugoku anime shijou chousa (Chinese Contents Market Analysis in 6 Fields, Chinese Anime Market Analysis), JETRO, 2015

These JETRO surveys offer excellent analysis of the state of the overseas animation industry. In particular, this publication includes ample data on statistics and political trends in China. The surveys covering Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South America are also valuable.

Tadashi Sudo

Journalist. After working in a securities firm, Sudo moves into journalism. In 2004, Tadashi started the internet based website Anime! Anime! and opened another website Anime! Anime! Biz. In 2012, he sold his websites to Iid, Inc. where he served as a chief editor until 2016. He has conducted surveys and has extensive knowledge on domestic and international animation related topics. He is co-author of "Digital Content White Paper 2016” (Digital Content Association of Japan) and “Anime Industry Report 2016“ (The Association of Japanese Animations). He is the author of "Dare ga Korekara no Anime Business wo Tsukuru no ka (Who makes the future of Anime Business)?," (Seikaisha Shinsyo, 2017).