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Anime to seimei to hōrō to

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Wani Books
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Yoshimura, Hirokazu

Ryota Fujitsu, a planner and designer of this book, did an excellent job in drawing interesting stories from the author through the interview. Throughout the book, techniques for motion expressions are presented, such as a technique to express an emotion in the upward movement of the sword, rather than the downward movement.

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There are quite a few articles examining motions in animation within the field of cognitive psychology. However, there are only a small number of books available. Here, I prioritized readability for non-specialists in motor perception and chose books that would provide a vehicle for people interested in motions in animation, including psychology books—as well as those authored by animation producers—and excluding research articles. Books on the “uncanny valley,” which has recently attracted attention of the selector, included one written in English.

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