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Miyazakiworld: A Life in Art

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Miyazakiworld: A Life in Art
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Yale University Press
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This scholarly text provides a discussion of Hayao Miyazaki by the writer of Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke. The author examines the auteur Miyazaki and his works as only a literary scholar can. This research is worthy of attention from international Japanese studies as it will likely become a fundamental reference in the English-language studies of Hayao Miyazaki. (Nakagaki)

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The following list of recommended references was selected and written by researchers and experts trusted by the Research and Education Committee; however, there are, of course, other important animation study references that have not been included. This list was prepared by members of the Research and Education Committee to examine more closely certain references. (Authors: Kayama Takashi, Sugawa Akiko, Nakagaki Kotaro)

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