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Between Genius and Utter Illiteracy: Estonian Animation

"Ever wonder why Estonian animation features so many carrots or why cows often perform pyramids? Well, neither question is answered in Chris Robinson's new book, A Story of Estonian Animation. Robinson's frank, humorous, and thoroughly researched book traces the history of Estonia's acclaimed animation scene from early experiments in the 1930s, to the creation of puppet (Nukufilm) and cel (Joonisfilm) animation studios during the Soviet era, and right up to Estonia's surprising international success during the post-Soviet era. In addition, Robinson's book includes the discovery of films by four 1960s animation pioneers who, until the release of this book, had been unknown to both Estonian and International animation historians."

  • Title (Japanese)
天才と完全なバカのあいだ エストニアのアニメーション
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John Libbey Publishing
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0 86196 667 8
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