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An Introduction to the American Underground Film

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Masashi Koide

It is necessary to expand one’s viewpoint to include experimental film in regards to the relationship with cinema and short films, auteurism, and the issue of commercial vs. non-commercial works, and this was the first authentic book on experimental film. It is weak in terms of theory, but it is valuable as a reference work and though provoking in terms of establishing the concept of animation.

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Initially I was thinking about “10 References That Shaped Japanese Animation Studies,” but I revised this list to references from early animation studies through the early 1980s. I’ve grouped the list into five parts: (1) Works in the early 1960s including translations that were the “classics” of their time; (2) Works in line with the legendary F&FF circle that are as a fundamental references for animation proper; (3) Experimental cinema, experimental animation, and original works; (4) Film history and animation history, and (5) Film and visual studies, which are fundamental to this area of research (+x are listed as titles only).

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