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Translation and Commentary of Research Materials: Isao Takahata’s Testimony Stenographic Record of the Tokyo Metropolitan Govemment Labor Relations Commission

This article reprints the record of a 1966 hearing at the Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment Labor Relations Commission, and explains some of its meanings and uses. As a primary source, this record illustrates one side of a labor dispute at Toei Doga (now Toei Animation). Topics explored in this review include the thinking processes of a young Takahata Isao, actions made by Toishi Shun’ichi (who went on to become president of Toei Doga), and labor practices - and recognitions of that labor - at the studio. I argue that analyses centered on records such as this one will bring new and important perspectives and methodologies to the study of animation history, which has been based on analyzing artists and their films.

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研究史料の翻刻と解題:東京都労働委員会 高畑勲証言速記録より
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