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Hybrid animation in Europe

Animated feature films caught adult audiences' attention in Europe in the 2000s. This led to a new tendency in which the nimated film delas with serious subjects like sociopolitical issues. Futhermore, with cross-media or mixed techniques as a technical nouveaute, there is insrease in the number of animated films for adults, called 'Hybrid Animation'. I relesed a feature film, Approved for Adoption (Couleur de peau: miel) in Japan in 2012. This film holds two hybrid aspects in terms of a technical combination of animation and live-action, and the subject of cross-national adoption. As a film distributor, I will outline the Hybrid Animation of Europe, focusing on commercial animations in France and independent short animations in Sweden.
Trends and Changes in European scenes of animation production in the 2000s, which I will introduce in this essay, are likely to be better grasped in the term of hybrid animation, rather than animated documentary. Futhermore, it tells that 'hybridization' proceeds not only from the needs of animation-filmmakers but also from the requests and/or expectations of audiences and filmmakers from without-the field of animation. The concept of hybrid animation will help classification and analysis of animated films.

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