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Analysis of Contemporary American Society: Through the Animation of The Simpsons.

The Simpsons is a successful animation series in the United States that has been broadcast for over twenty four years. Through the ordinary life of the Simpson family, the animation raises important issues in the modern-day American society. Throughout the series, the members of the Simpsons and other people in Springfield draw into attention a variety of social issues about family value, society, government and environment. This essay examines The Simpsons in order to understand those issues which American society is currently facing. In particular, Homer’s active commitment to community has a significant meaning in attempting to analyze its importance in the individualist society, suggesting that the audiences are still unconsciously seeking for an ideal relationship with their own communities. In assuming the role of town father as an eighteenth-century American tradition, Homer also introduces the progressive attitudes of the 1960s to a contemporary fictional town of the States. My essay focuses on how the role of family and community is presented in The Simpsons, and how this series echoes contemporary US society.

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