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Appearance of Movies with Audience-Participating and Friendship Stories: How Audience-Participating of Precure, the Animation-series for Girls

This essay analyzes the present situation of the animation by focusing the films version of Precure which are the animation for children. The characteristic of the movies Precure is audience-participating that characters in the movie directly appeal to audiences and audiences respond by the penlight handed out by staffs of the movie theater. The movies Precure are completed by the cheering of audiences. By the cheering the audiences participate in the friendship, which is theme of Precure . Audience-participating expands friendship into outside of story, so that the movie becomes the event, attraction, for joining. The movies Precure are a festival of Precure fans. This characteristic of the movies Precure shows as if importance of the story had less value. But the derivative instruments of Precure
base on the friendship-story of TV series. Friendship in the TV story is identified with unity of Precure fans. One of the reason why friendship is important on the commercial works is necessity of the positive relationship between works and consumers. Audience participating of the movies Precure is realization of the positive relationship.

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