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The Ecological Approach to the Specific Property of Human Walking and Running: Reffering Biomechanics and the Methods of Making Cell-Animation

All human beings perceive objects which surround them or events which occur in the environment. While these natural events are described in the field of natural science, they are created as so-called representations in cell-animations. In this article, the specific properties of walking and running action, which are found in the biomechanics and the methods of making cell-animation, are argued on the context of ecological psychology. The characteristics of human walking and running found both on the approach of biomechanics and the methods of making these actions are as follows: These two actions have periodicity, vertical motion, frontal sway and sagittal swing in its own cycle. However, walking actions have a double-support phase and don't have an air phase, running actions don't have a double-support phase and have an air phase. Moreover, running actions are more rhythmical and regular than walking actions. These two approaches, the biomechanics and the method of creating an action in animation, have the same process to observe, pick up specific properties and describe the natural events. The properties investigated in them are in variants that are detected by human perception.

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