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The Outcome of Toei Doga around the 60s in Japanese Animation.

In the 1960s Toei Doga, a feature animation film company, well contributed to the development of Japanese animation scene. First, Toei Doga developed various animation techniques and trained many young artists by producing a lot of animations including feature and TV animations in this decade. Second, Toei Doga established the originality of Japanese animations, which is influenced by Disney products, but which is not an epigone of them. For example, story oriented animations for adults, rather than action-oriented animations for children, produced by Toei Doga in this era showed one of the originality of Japanese animation. Third, Toei Doga established Japanese style animation produce system. In this system under the strong leadership of a chief animator a number of other animator draw the animations of different scenes, and the chief decide the layouts of all scenes and decide camera angles, camera works, and so on.

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