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Affective Effects of Moving Dots

Two psychological experiments were conducted using videos of moving dots. Twenty-one and 74 undergraduate students participated in the two experiments, respectively. In experiment 1, we investigated affective effects induced by moving dots with the Semantic Differential method. The result of factor analysis revealed three factors, activity, evaluation and living impression. Analysis of variance showed that wave-form, amplitude-change and speed influenced each factor. Moving dots generated stronger impression of living objects than their still paths. In experiment 2, two video stimuli, each of which consisted of sixteen scenes of a small red moving dot and/or a larger blue one of the same type as those of experiment 1, were presented, and subjects were asked to describe stories from stimuli. In their free description s, many subjects interpreted two dots as living objects. Differences in descriptions were produced by differences in dot movement. These results indicated that movements produce special affective effects including "living or animacy".

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