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Scotland’s History of Animation: An Exploratory Account of the Key Figures and Influential Events

Scotland’s history of animation is a forgotten past accomplishment in the animation/VFX sector, with key influential animation professionals having had an impact both at home and abroad. Yet, to date, this history has not been meaningfully documented and such documentation can help inform policy initiatives to help nurture and develop the industry. These developments could help ensure that the importance and accomplishments of its achievements will not be forgotten or remain undeveloped. Indeed, it is argued here that Scotland suffers from historical amnesia with regard to the country’s past accomplishments and missed opportunities, but that public funding and further investment in talent development and retention can help establish the industry as a key player in society and economy. This article presents the results from an investigative literature collection and consultation with central figures in the Scottish animation industry, providing for the first time a clearer picture of the importance of animation in Scotland both for the country and for the industry worldwide. Discussing the initiatives and funding models of other European countries such as France, the article concludes by suggesting ways in which future policy initiatives could help assist Scotland’s animation industry grow and establish itself both for the future development of animation in Scotland and worldwide.

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スコットランドのアニメーション史: 重要人物・重大イベントの調査報告
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Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal
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