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The Deviating Voice from the Visual: Representations of Female Characters and Feminist Critism in the 1990s' Anime.

In the 1990s, Japanese anime sophisticated both the visual and voice detabases for character creation. These two databeses usually cooperate in a cimplementary manner in order to construct characters in the audio-visual medium. However, there is still always the possibility that they operate inconsistently. And sometimes, a brand-new character type is born from the inconsistent and varying combinations of the visual and voice detabases. An outstanding example of the phenomenon is Haruka Tenou, one of the mostpopular characters in the TV series Sailor Moon (1992-97). In contrast to the otaku consumption suggestet by Hiroki Azuma, feminist alternative readings of the work have been activated and dubbed characters have been cues for the alternative possibilities of gender and sexuality.

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