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10 References for Understanding 3DCG in General and CG Animation

Noguchi, Koichi

I have selected books concerning the history, industry, and techniques of 3DCG in general. In relation to CG animation, I chose books related to the world-renowned group Pixar and the necessary books for understanding Japanese CG animation.

Noguchi, Koichi
Toei Animation

Mr. Noguchi is a Toei Animation producer. In 1989, he joined Links (now: Imagica). In 1995, he worked on VFX production for Species and Air Force One for Boss Film (US). In 2003, he participated in Otoko tachi no Yamato (Men’s Yamato) and Kita no sakura mori (The Cherry Blossom Keeper of the North) as a VFX supervisor for Toei Animation. He was a producer for Rakuen tsuihō (Expelled from Paradise) and Seikai suru kado (Kado: The Right Answer). He is a member of the Japan Society for Animation Studies, the Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences, and VES.


Given the vitality of the animation business within Japan and overseas, there is a surprising dearth of work dealing with this topic. I considered creating a list that balances publications about management/production, copyright issues, finances and overseas topics, but many quality works have become dated. I tried here to select recent publications will give you a bird’s-eye view of the animation business. Also, I emphasized statistical material, as this field is often not backed up by numbers.