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10 Books to Understand Animation about “Battles”

Kayu Adachi

“Battles” are the most popular subject matter for animation, but are challenging when it comes to theory. One of the reasons is that “battles” erupt within the messiness of many factors including personal desires, the premise of a group’s establishment, and the trends of the times. I selected the books on this list to offer approaches for dealing with that messiness. The publications are listed in chronological order based on the release year for the animation work being discussed.

“OUT” April Edition, Vol. 4 No. 4. Minori Shobo, April 1980

Gundam Special which features “intellects” offering a variety of opinions about “Kidousenshi Gandamu” (Mobile Suit Gundam). This special feature is a must-read when considering the significance of Gundam. Had a major impact on Yoshiyuki Tomino.

Kayu Adachi

Completed the doctoral course without degree at Gakushuin University’s Graduate School of Humanities, Cultural Studies on Corporeal and Visual Representation. Ph.D. (Cultural Studies and Visual Representation). Was awarded the Japan Society for Animation Studies Encouragement Price for doctoral thesis titled Nihon no manga/anime ni okeru “tatakai” no hyoushou (Representation of “battles” in Japanese manga and anime). Researcher of anime, animation and games. Analyzes works from the perspective of the physicality of the characters. Now he works as a part-time teacher at Rikkyo University.