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Seichi-Junrei: Sekai-Isan Kara Anime no Butai Made

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Chuko Shinsho
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Takayoshi Yamamura

Pilgrimage theory by an up-and-coming sociology of religion scholar. Excellent work based on religious studies that illuminates the diversity of faith and prayer, the meaning people try to find in sacred sites, and sanctity in contemporary society through systematic arguments that encompass sacred sites for religion as well as anime.

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We’ve become familiar with the term “anime pilgrimage,” which happens when watching an animation motivates a person to visit to a specific place that is the setting, inspiration or otherwise somehow connected to the anime work. In addition, the “anime pilgrimage” movement is beginning to attract attention among overseas fans as well as scholars. I’ve compiled a list of useful introductory works primarily in the field of tourism research that offer a structural understanding of anime pilgrimages.

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