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モルフォ人体デッサン 形態学による人体を描くための新テクニック
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Kazui, Hiroko

This reference uses morphology, a field of physiology, to present methods for observing the human body’s skeleton, muscular structures, and anatomic details. The reader can use the book to learn about the structure of the human body, without much conscious effort, if he or she can imitate the main part of the book while keeping the “Tables of Skeleton and Musculature” visible.

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My purpose for the list as a whole was to make a list of texts that teach how to create motion with pictures. When you teach animation, you often receive questions about how to do that. So, we have created a list of reference material that can lead to practical knowledge. The selector supplied this list from her production experience, which spans more than 30 years. We hope that students will use these materials at the early stages of learning—looking, understanding, and applying—and will acquire practical knowledge about “moving,” a useful foundation for their creative activities.

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