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この項目を日本語で見る : Vision and Versatility in Contemporary Swiss Animated Film

A reference work on contemporary multimedia possibilities

Swiss animated film is currently in one of its most productive, ambitious and successful historical periods. Never before have so many films been made and never before have quite a few films enjoyed such international success such as “Baka!!” from which the cover motif is taken. This volume explores the development of Swiss animated film over the last 20 years, examines current trends and looks at what’s to come in the future.

At the center of “” are conversations with 20 film-makers who are representative of the variety and uniqueness of Swiss animated film – from short author films to children’s productions, from television series to feature film projects, not to mention art and commercial productions. The film-makers and their art take center stage instead of only their work. The confrontation of testimonies, opinions, attitudes, philosophies and questions raised afford revealing and instructive insights into the fascinating world of animated film-making. Two essays put the interviews and portraits into a comprehensive context.

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