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Nihon Hatsu no Animēshon Sakka Kitayama Seitarō

In 1917, Seitaro Kitayama was one of the first people in Japan to create animation.
Initially a part of the art world, he supported the activities of young painters such as Ryusei Kishida, by publishing art magazines, but the animation that was just then beginning to be imported into Japan from overseas captured his heart. He embarked on his first anime production without so much as a textbook to turn to for guidance.
This book looks at his trial-and-error process and the successful record he left behind through the lens of his own memoirs and the words of his surviving family and those who knew him.
You will learn all about the life and diverse work of Kitayama, the pioneer of Japanese anime who has rarely been studied before.

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日本初のアニメーション作家 北山清太郎
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