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An Examination of the Effectiveness of Comparative Appreciation of Juxtaposed Animated Images : Designing Animation Education as "Exploration of Movement"

This research aims to investigate comparative appreciation in the field of animation education, which is understood as the “exploration of movement.” In this study I examined the difference between two groups in evaluation results of two animated images with four rating scales concerning movement. The control group watched the two animated images sequentially, and the experimental group also watched the two images juxtaposed. The results showed significant difference between the two groups on a scale rating the “naturalness” of movement, with the experimental group giving a higher evaluation than the control group. The rating scale of “naturalness” has been thought to correspond to the “evaluation factor,” one of the three main factors identified by Osgood & Suci (1955), and the results indicate the possibility that the evaluation result concerning the “evaluation factor” might be affected by the juxtaposition of images.

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