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Yo-kai Watch: A New Development of Media Mix in the Age of Media Innovation

Since the year of 2000, Pokémon, Doraemon, and Detective Conan have been regularly popular works of media contents. However, when the animated TV series Yo-kai Watch began being broadcasted in January 2014, with media mix deployment including TV and games, cinemas, manga, and toys, Yo-kai Watch became one of the most popular media franchises. (Media mix is the Japanese-made English term which means transmedia or media convergence.)
As a technological innovation advances, media forms have increased in number, and the media platform has also undergone a change. In this new media environment, I show that Yo-kai Watch updated Haruki Kadokawa's media mix in the mid-1970s. The Yo-kai Watch production team has produced media contents in a multiple and simultaneous way. In this essay, I analyze and examine the way in which the Yo-kai Watch series has revised the strategy of media mix in the age of media revolution, in terms of hardware, software, and marketing, in contrast to Pokémon and Haruki Kadokawa's media mix.

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