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Satoshi Kon's Interconnected Creative Worlds: The Continuity of Self-exploration.

This essay aims to clarify Satoshi Kon's personality, the creative process of the animation works he directed, and the interrelations between the person and his directorial work, applying a life story approach and employing life history as a qualitiative research method based on historycal materials, such as Kon's animation works, storyboards, diaries, blogs, websites, esseys, audio commentaries, and articles. As a result, it is made clear that Satoshi Kon attempted to establish his identity and expressed himself through his profession as an animation film director in collaboration with his colleages. Kon continuouslycreates innovative annimation films by expanding his imagination through drawing. his ideas sprang from confrontation with reality, mostly in the form of unexpected events or incidentalencounters. He was particularly influenced by Susumu Hirasawa's musicand yasutaka Tsutsui's novels,whose worldviews he animated in his works. Furthermore, his daily-life impressions also went into his works. This essay reaches the conclusion that Satoshi Kon's pursuit of meanings in his life led him to continuously deal with them as themes of his animation works.

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今 敏のつながり合う創造的世界:自己探求の連鎖
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