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Towaeds a theory of voice actors: a turning point in professional voice acting seen in the "anime boom".

In recent years, critical attention has been increasingly paid to the subject of the profession of voice actor. While individual research articles are available, however, it does not seem that the emerging subject has explored in a coherent manner, not even in the studies of Japanese animation which has specific ties the voice actor. This article focuses on the “anime voice actor”, providing a historical perspective in comparison with early voice actors who performed in radio dramas or Japanese-dubbed foreign movies. It also traces back the anime voice actor to the “anime boom” which began with Space Battleship Yamato. The author will pay special attention to Yoko Asagami, the voice actress who impersonated the heroine. In her wake, the profession of voice actor came to assume its distinctive implications and emerged desirable career among “anime generation” who were close to Asagami in age.

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