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Japanimation (Anime)’s Expressions and the Inside (Part 1): from Joon Yang Kim’s Empire of Images: Animation on Japanese Islands

Korean publications on Japanese animation have been largely ignored in academic study of animation. The following essay is part of a translation of loon Yang Kim's Empire of Images: Animation on Japanese Islands into Japanese. This book on animation in Japan is a broad survey that talces up a variety of viewpoints. The following is Section 2.3, "As Kabuki, Emalci, Monogatari, and Shishosetsu (I-novel)", in Chapter 2, "Japanimation (Anime)'s Expressions and the Inside". Aspects of traditional culture in Japan such as kabuki, emaki (picture scroll), monogatari, and literature have influenced on Japanese animation. For instance, its bishojo/bishonen characters are a representative example of influences from kabuki, among other performing arts. The essay suggests in reference to kabuki that the androgynous or neutral traits of beautiful boy and girl characters in anime existed in the traditional culture of Japan before the commercialization of sexuality through the character industry.

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