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Analysis of Tezuka Osamu’s Limited Animation Technique with a Case Study of Tales of a Street Corner

Tales of a Street Corner (1962) is the first animation of Tezuka Osamu (1928-1989). This essay aims to revalue Tezuka's work by means of film analysis. Here, animation techniques employed in the opening sequences of the film will be analyzed, rather than the story itself. This will be compared with those of Pinocchio (1940), "The Birth of Astro Boy" (Episode One of Astro Boy, 1963), "Outer Space Visitor" (one episode of the Mighty Mouse series, 1959), and Wanpaku Oji no Orochi Taiji (The Little Prince and the Eight Headed Dragon, 1963) to examine the characteristics of Tezuka's limited animation technique. The result of analysis shows that Tezuka did not seek simply the economic interest of the technique but he rather explored a wide range of its possibilities that were to add significant artistic values to his work.

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手塚治虫のリミテッド・アニメーションの技法の分析 ――『ある街角の物語』を中心に
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