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The Study of Korea's Flash Content; A Case Study of Content Production

Cartoon, character, animation, games, web design, mobile such as, the media environment in accordance with through the use of Flash content, has developed a variety of cultural products in Korea. The Korea flash content actively has developed strategy that the Media Mix (the possibility of a connection with other media), and flash content was digital convergence (convergence and conversion) as the success stories in Korea. I suggest advantage of its very high value which using multimedia tools, that is to say the interactive flash content that attribute the strong propensity of games and educational content development as they are endless possibilities. In this paper, since the early 2000s until now, it has been frequently used seven kinds of flash content, media. and genre analysis based on production practices in Korea. This is based on those the flash content of Korea created with flash tools for qualitative and quantitative development and diversity, creativity. And it will be discussed about the nature and categories of that. Lastly, I should discuss the current limitations of flash content of Korea and the possibility of expansion.

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