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How “The Simpsons” Sees the Society: Looking at Family Values through the Fictional City of Springfield

The Simpsons is an animated television series that has been aired in America for over 20 years, and is one of the well known animated families in the world. The Simpsons is portrayed as somewhat dysfunctional family living in the fictional suburb of Springfield. This animation brings up many important issues about family values, and often raises controversy in the real world when the animated characters question reality. The significance of the family and its role in the society have always been an important issue in America from the past, since the divorce rates are high and more and more single parents are taking care of their children alone. Similarly, The Simpsons expresses their opinion about family values, in other worlds, what current family should be like in America. Through this research, I would like to analyze the work of "The
Simpsons," especially how this animated series portray the change of the American society, and how the Simpson family tries to represent the recent American society and culture from their point of view.

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