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The State of the Animation Industry and Receptiveness to Japanese Anime in Four Countries of Northern Europe and Central America

This report is the state of the animation industry in Iceland, Ireland, Nicaragua, Cuba, and the receptiveness to Japanese anime in those four countries. Although the market scale of Iceland's animation industry is small, I visited the studio of an independent animator who mainlyproduces animation shorts and TV commercials, and Studio CAOZ, which employs a staff of about 30. Studio CAOZ was in mid production of lceland's first full-length animated feature film, "Thor." Ireland has a number of animation studios that employ staff in double figures . Of these , I visited Brown Bag Films, a studio involved in producing TV animations, TV commercials and the like. Nicaragua has no studios that specialize in animation. However, several Nicaraguan companies are engaged in the production of moving images in general, and a small number of TV commercial animations have been produced by them. In Cuba, the state-run Animation Studio of ICAIC produces many TV animations, educational animations, music clips and others. So far, Cuba has produced six animated feature films, and the seventh was in mid-production at this studio when I visited. In all four countries, there was a good level of awareness of and familiarity with Japanese anime.

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