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Effects of the Reversal of One of the Three Rectangle Axes on Form and Motion Perception: An Investigation Through the Impossible Figure and the Spinning Silhouette Illusion

Belvedere, a famous impossible figure created by M.C. Escher turn to be possible if the lower half of the figure would be reversed in the left-right dimension , which was originally found by Yasushi Kajikawa. Nobuyuki Kayahara, a Japanese media producer, created another interesting work, which also concerns the reversal of one of the three rectangle axes. It was named Silhouette Illusion, which is composed of the spinning shadow of a person. While the reversal happens in the front-back dimension in the latter case, observers perceive it as the reversal of another property such as the spinning direction and/or the reversal of the silhouette person's posture. Based on these phenomena, I discussed that we do not always perceive the reversal as it is, but we would perceive it in the other dimensional reversal or the changes of other properties.

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