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Regarding Animatization of the Original Korean Comics

We discuss about the fact that the Korean animation industry is not enthusiastic about production with comics as the original work. Although the Korean animations based on the comic books had enjoyed much better successes compared to those that were based on the novels, a relationship between the comic stories and their selection for animation production had not been established until recent times. In this paper, a brief summary of Korean animation is reviewed. and the results of the animation productions based on the comics and the novels are compared. Furthermore, the astonishing success the comics are drawing from the media mix market including, motion pictures, TV drama, games and dramas apart from the animation production, is reviewed, and in terms of how comics can be established within the media mix market with the quoted FP of Japanese work, Sailarmoon. So, like the Miyazaki Hayao's claim, when the wide spread mutual distrust between the Korean comic artists and the animation producers is broken down, their relationship will develop as brothers and therefore, towards mutual prosperity.

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