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Consideration of Lupin the 3rd about “Novelty” of the early episode ; an analysis of Yamatoya Atsushi and The man they called a magician

The Man They Called a Magician The consideration about how the scenario of TV—animation is converted into the image, in the case of Yamatoya Atsushi.
This study is consideration about how the scenario of TV-animation is convened into the image, in the case of The Man They Called (I Magiciarz. the 2nd episode of Lupin the 3rd (1971-1972).
The writer of this episode is Ymamatoya Atsushi. He is known as a writer of Branded to Kill (1967) and Violent virgin (1969). In the works, Yamatoya adheres to an object strangely. and he doesn't explain the cause of his characters action. Therefore, his works are very strange. Isn't it difficult that he writes the scenario of TV-animation?,...It is because TV-animation needs to be normal.
As a result. this scenario was partially changed, suitably for TV-animation. Most "objet" in his scenario was deleted. However, the cause of character's action was not explained. Why?
As you know, tacit comprehension exists in TV-animation. It enabled the abbreviation of explanation. So. the strangeness which is the feature of Yamatoya's work may be allowed. The reason for having liked that he wrote the scenario of TV—animation is that he knew the possibility of TV-animation.

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