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A psychological study for puppets created by Kihachiro Kawamoto

Kihachiro Kawamoto is well known as an animation and puppet master in the world. This study investigated physical and personality characteristics of faces of his puppets which were compared with the masks of Japanese traditional performance Noh and Bunraku puppets play. Participants rated 15 stimuli including faces of Kawamoto's puppets, Noh masks, and faces of Bunraku puppet by using 42 rating scales. A factor analysis showed five factors in physical characteristics and three factors in personality characteristics. Further analysis compared the faces of his puppets, Noh masks. and faces of Bunraku puppets in each factor. The result showed the similarities and differences among them. Thus, it sugges ted that faces of Kawamoto's puppets were influenced by the Japanese traditional plays, and he created puppets distinguishably for animation and for puppet play.

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