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A Study of the Character Marketing Using Internet Media in Korea

In recent years referring to years since late 1990 when local internet media inflation was established, looking at case studies of the three Korean characters of Mashimaro, Pucca and Marineblues, internet media not particular in time and location, provided as an essential tool sharing information in a timely manner providing character contents to broad stratum of consumers, provided not only one-way content but enabled feedback and receiving ideas from the consumer, thus this provided actual advancements in the character business. The expansion in various media enabled increase in the profit structure of internet character business, thus speeded up market globalization. Through the case studies of Mashimaro, Pucca and Marineblues we learned that however, there were limitations in providing contents through active internet media to consumers, in other words it was impossible to reach non-active consumers, therefore, for successful character marketing, appropriate use of other media in reaching potential consumers is necessary.

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