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The Perception of Rotation Made of Cell-Animation

The rotary motion of the disk which has two colored parts of white and black seems to be blend color as gray corresponding to the area ratio of white and black with naked eye observation. However, this rotary motion seems counter rotating or blinking intensely through display media such as the movie and the television. Animators have learned these characteristics of display media from experiences. There is a close connection between motion expression and media of expression. This article focuses on making movement and vision through media and attempts to classify and compare the picture stimulation. To display the animation of rotary motion on media to use as stimulation, a series of freeze-frame pictures made to a continuous shoots, which is a technique of stop motion of cell-animation. The comparisons of the impression between the real movement and the rotary animation are recorded on diagram. The picture stimulations of rotary motion are described as three kinds of types classified by rotation direction, division number of sector and counter rotation of figure-ground. A possibility of quantification and qualitative measurement of rotary motion is brought up based on the result of observation and description of picture stimulations in this article.

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