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J. S. Bach: Fantasia g-moll: Complementarity between Animation and Live-action

Jan Svankmajer is a Czech filmmaker, visual artist, and especially celebrated "animator." However, what is "animation"? One can immediately perceive the lack of definition for the actual object animation; nevertheless it has played an important role ever since the birth of "live-action" in 1895. In the thesis, I examine his work J. S. Bach: Fantasia g-moll (1965) to demonstrate how animation and live-action complement each other in his works: first, his characteristic point-of-view shots lead us effectively to abstract images that consist of various walls and animated pictures; second, the film space of two dimensions filled with darkness and constructed mainly by close-up lets us feel the sense of touch and it makes impressive animated images; and third, film techniques such as repetition, swish- pan and zoom give us the illusion of moving walls.

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