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A Factor Analytic Study of the Motion Information Contributing to the Perception of Motion of a Single Object

This study aimed to identify the perceptual framework contributing to the perception of the motion of a single object. Fourteen different kinds of computer animations of a single moving object were used as stimuli. They were made on the basis of various motions of living things, such as an ant, a butterfly, or a fish, and those of objects, such as a falling balloon or a glass ball rolling down a slanted board. Using the Semantic Differential Method, 56 participants, who were students of a women's junior college, were asked to rate those stimuli respectively in terms of 21 rating scales, each of which consisted of a pair of adjectives expressing opposite meanings. Through Factor Analysis, two factors were extracted, which were named "animacy factor (percentage of contribution =64.0)" and "smoothness and pleasantness factor (percentage of contribution = 28 .4)". These results provide evidence that "animacy -inanimacy" is the main framework for the perception of motion in a single moving object.

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