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The Expectation to Japanese Anime

When Toei Doga created its first feature animation film, it applied the movie techniques having developed by its parent company, Toei, to produce color entertainment movies because Toei Doga had yet produced long animation more than 15 to 20 minutes, then it had no know-how to express stories of more than 1 hour in animation films. Toei Doga made a new role in producing animation, an animation director. Toei Doga did not import techniques to produce feature animations from the USA, the developed country in producing feature animations: It elaborated story-telling methods by itself. Osamu Tezuka is the pioneer of the TV animation series (one episode with 30 minutes length per week) in Japan. He adopted animation techniques requiring low cost and saving labors' work to produce the TV animation series with limited budget and tight time-schedule. Thus, the techniques he adopted were not valued high from a technical view point. However, Tezuka's TV animation series was a great hi t. Then, Toei Doga also started to make TV series. Under the condition with low budget and tight time schedule, the second generations of TV animation have invented many ideas for storytelling and it leads to a great diversity of animations in Japan today.

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