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The Exhibition "The Developmental Research of Japanese Anime" and the Research Subjects about Early Toei Doga in Future

From 2001 to 2002, at Kawasaki City Museum and some others, the exhibition of Toei Doga' s films in and around the 1960s, the Japanese animation' s revival era after WWII, opened. The exhibition consisted mainly of materials of a first color feature animation, "Hakuja-den (The White Snake Enchantress,1958)" and presented how this film was created by who with what trial and error in the morning of the Japanese animation through displaying materials of each stage of the producing process. However, the exhibition faced problems: the difficulty of presenting moving image of animations with still photos and of covering the whole history of Japanese animation, including prewar animation and TV-anime history after the 1960s. It was impossible to exhibit a whole history of widely spread Japanese animation even researchers and exstaffs of Toei Doga had supervised the exhibition. In one symposium during the exhibition, a director, an animator, and a cameraman discussed about Toei Doga' s leading role in the Japanese animation and this stimulated researchers to do historical studies of Japanese animation.

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