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Kia Asamiya's "The Corrector, Yui"

Kia Asamiya's "The Corrector, Yui" is an extremely interesting piece of work which corresponds to the tradition of Japanese classical culture. At first glance, the stage appears to be up-to-date, however, it represents the spirit world which human beings have inherited from ancient times. In fact, on the computer network, Yui is identified as a fairy. Further, the eight computer software programs which fight with Yui symbolize the four elements of Buddhism: earth, water, air, and fire. The enemy, Grosser, is obeyed by the Four Devas. This can be viewed as a kind of classical story of the Four Devas. The story of the Four Devas is thought to symbolize the growth of the hero (or the heroine) and Asamiya's work is indeed similar in this sense. The addition of the rival "Haruna" just before the final episode, however, is Asamiya's own original addition, so that the story does not limit itself to a simple duel between two characters.

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