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Osamu Tezuka, Given an Honorific Title "the God of Manga", Had His Desire to Produce Animations

This research examines a lifelong relationship between Osamu Tezuka, "the God of Manga'', died in 1989 and his desire to produce animations by analyzing Tezuka's own words and documents. Tezuka had been enchanted with both early Disney animations when he had gone to movie theaters with his family in his infancy and "Momotaro, Divine Sailor (Momotaro no Umi no Shinpei)", which was the first Japanese feature animation, at the end of World War II. Then, Tezuka wished to be an animator in spite of a leader of a manga. Disney animations intensely affected Tezuka's mangas. Tezuka created his manga "Bambi" based on Disney's "Bambi" that was released in 1951 and told that Disney's "Bambi" strongly influenced the story of his manga "The Jungle Emperor". "A Class of the Manga (Manga kyousitu)" and "The Film Lives On (Film ha Ikiteiru)" explicitly express Tezuka's desire to make animation films. The author points out that there was a certain similarity in hairstyle between a hero of the his manga "Black Jack" and a villain, Cruella, of "One Hundred and One Dalmatians". Later, Tezuka had his desire realized.

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