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Studies in the Efficacy of Motion Graphics: The Effects of Complex Animation on the Exposition Offered by Motion Graphics

Motion graphics (MGs) are utilized in various venues for the purposes of informing and entertaining audiences. Most graphics have intricate finishes and use complex animation to present visual explanations of subject matter (i.e. exposition) or to convey narratives. Within an MG complex animation is demonstrated by the use of dynamic virtual cameras and depth cues, the motion exhibited by the phenomenon being visually explained, and photorealistic rendering. Presently, very little empirical research exists on MGs in general or the effects of complex animation on the viewing experience associated with MGs. The goals of the quasi-experimental study presented in this article were to explore how viewers interact with expository graphics that provide visual explanations and to characterize this interaction according to a synthesis of two theories that address different aspects of the viewing experience. The results suggest that the MG viewing experience is dynamic and that complex animation can be beneficial to viewers.

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Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal
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