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Raimund Krumme — Play for Lines and Figures: An Animated Film Exhibition

The Raimund Krumme -- Play for Lines and Figures exhibition, organised by the German Institute for Animated Film (DIAF) and held in the Dresden Technical Museum from April to September 2009, showed artistic work by the German animated film director and author, Raimund Krumme. An important starting point for his film work is his graphic brainstorming sessions -- scribblings, studies of movements, collages -- during which he visualises ideas and emotions without words. The article provides an insight into the preparatory work for the exhibition that focused especially on his creative artistic processes through to the final films and also analysed the unique way in which Raimund Krumme animates space. Central aspects of the exhibition concept, such as the thematic criteria, the selection and arrangement of the exhibits as well as the presentation form of the exhibits and the moving images, are explained in detail. In doing so, the author deals with various considerations which arise with regard to both the uniqueness of an exhibition about animated film and the possibilities this provides.

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「ライムント・クルメ 線と形で遊ぶ」——アニメーション映画の展覧会
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Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal
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